Take gardening to new heights

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Plant lovers can grow their flora on a whole new level now.

Many living walls are hung indoors for year-round enjoyment, but they can also be hung outdoors on fences or walls of buildings during the summer months. They take the challenge out of vertical gardening. The availability of this new trend is long overdue.

Living walls of greenery are simple to create and easy to maintain, but the result is stunning. (Sun Media News Services(

Living walls of greenery are simple to create and easy to maintain, but the result is stunning. (Sun Media News Services(

Vertical arrangements of plants inside the home provide numerous benefits. An indoor living wall will help to remove toxins and unhealthy contaminants from the air.

Given that most people spend the majority of their time indoors, this can impact on your health dramatically. They can be small and simple yet provide the aesthetics and gratification year round.

There are some considerations to take into account before hanging your living wall in the home.

Be sure to have the proper structural support system. Choose a wall that gets adequate light for your indoor plants and select plants that tolerate low light conditions. Avoid locations that can be subject to drafts such as the front entrance or over a heat register.

Designer planter kits are available at garden at local garden centres. One can easily create their own wall panel by following the simple instructions provided by the manufacturer.

The first step is to plant the vertical planters while laying flat. All one needs is a good quality potting mix and a selection of small indoor plants.

The planter is divided into 10 cells that are 10 centimetres deep and at an angle. Each cell is notched in the bottom to provide drainage and aeration.

Simply plant each cell with the potting mix until you have achieved the look or design that you desire. Tilt the planter on a 45-degree angle and water thoroughly. Keep it propped and watered for three to four days.

To hang the planter, one will need a level and a power screw driver. Mount the bracket on the wall making sure that it is level.

Carefully rest the vertical planter on the bracket ensuring that it is secured and level.

The beauty of the Bright Green Grovert system is its irrigation system.

The Bright Green irrigator simply fits into the top watering chamber of the vertical planter. Open the lid and fill with water as needed. For more information on this incredible living wall system, check out www.brightgreenusa.com.

One can always get instant greenery indoors by purchasing a living wall that has already been designed and planted for you.

— BRENDA RUZYCKI, Sun Media News Services