Biermanski ready to take another run at mayor’s chair

With one run at the mayor’s chair under her belt, Shelley Biermanski is back for more.

Biermanski, who ran for mayor in 2010 and lost, announced Tuesday that she would take another run at unseating incumbent Nolan Crouse when voters head to the polls this October.

St. Albert

Although she couldn’t win the mayor’s seat in 2010, Shelley Biermanski will be back to challenge for
St. Albert’s top job once again this October. (Photo supplied)

“Voter apathy is a big issue; people think nobody can ever change anything. Everybody doesn’t vote and doesn’t make a stand,” she said. “So if somebody doesn’t do something, nobody will. That’s why I’m doing it.”

While she only garnered 32.2 per cent of the votes cast in 2010, Biermanski — who has lived in St. Albert for 24 years and works at David Morris Fine Cars in west Edmonton — said she learned a lot in that campaign and is better prepared this time around.

“I learned from the last time around is how competitive it can be,” she said. “I’m very confident in what I do; I deal with people all the time. You just have to be strong, and I am a strong person. I learned that you have to keep your cards close, because they can be stolen in some senses, and be honest and straightforward.”

For Biermanski, the big issues in the campaign revolve around large capital projects that she thinks the city just can’t afford right now, as well as building a better relationship with Sturgeon County.

“I would like to see people secure in wanting to live in St. Albert,” she said. “I’ve lived here for 24 years, and everyone I know that has lived here as long, or some even longer, they love St. Albert and want to understand they’ll be able to afford to live here and the city will stay strong.”

She added that she has been keeping a close eye on city council over the last term, and felt that too much time has spent wrestling with minor issues and bylaws.

“Rather than arguing all the time, there should be more of a focus on what we can do positively for the city,” she said.

Biermanski hadn’t intended to declare her candidacy so early, but when Mayor Nolan Crouse did so on Thursday, May 16, she figured she should get her name out there as soon as possible.

“Once he declared, I had people phoning me [asking] ‘Why aren’t you going to run?’ I didn’t want people to speculate or think they have to throw their name out there because nobody else is running,” she said.

— GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader