Editorial: Wildrose wilts in byelections

To paraphrase what a wise man once wrote in another, now-defunct newspaper in St. Albert, the Progressive Conservative party could drop an atomic bomb on Alberta, and the cockroaches would climb out of the rubble and continue to vote PC. And nowhere has that ever been more evident than in the by-elections held in four ridings in Calgary and Edmonton on Monday. The opposition parties smelled … [Read more...]

My City: Mayor opens books on his own expenses

Mayor Nolan Crouse.

MY CITY by NOLAN CROUSE, St. Albert Mayor To help understand the situation we are in, I serve in two roles and for two separate corporations: as chair of the Capital Region Board, which is made up of 24 municipalities; and as Mayor of St. Albert. The CRB has had three chairs — two provincially appointed public members and one elected, myself. It is often a challenge to determine which hat I … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: Oct. 23, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Getting to the bottom of it

When city councillor Sheena Hughes sent out an email last week detailing the notice of motion she was putting forward, it didn’t seem like the greatest idea. In the wake of allegations that Mayor Nolan Crouse had submitted duplicate expense claims to both the City of St. Albert and to the Capital Region Board — which has since become known in local political circles as “double-dipping” … [Read more...]

My City: Every week should be Small Business Week

MY CITY by LYNDA MOFFAT, St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce president and CEO We have just come out of one of the most successful Small Business Weeks ever held in St. Albert. We set aside this week each year to honour the exceptional businesses that we have in our community, and the incredible work they do to bring goods and services to fortunate St. Albert residents. Our business … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: Oct. 16, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Learning from mistakes

We all make mistakes sometimes; it’s just part of our human nature. We’ve all done a rushed job of something and really made a meal out of it at some point. But the important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. And, by the looks of it, that’s exactly what St. Albert Mayor Nolan Crouse intends to do. Crouse was taken to task by some of his fellow city councillors on Oct. 6 for … [Read more...]

My City: Tough decisions to make around utilities

MY CITY by CATHY HERON, St. Albert city councillor "You have enemies?” Sir Winston Churchill once observed. “Good. That means you stood up for something sometime in your life.” In an era of blogging and tweeting, when every critic has a public platform, it is the successful leader who can make the difficult decision in difficult times. A politician requires a certain amount of toughness … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: Oct. 9, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Photo radar still needed

Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson got fired up this week on a topic that also affects us here in St. Albert: photo radar. In a blog post published on Monday, Iveson rebuked those calling for an end to photo radar speed enforcement in Edmonton — an online petition had more than 18,000 signatures as of Tuesday evening — saying that, despite an auditor’s report that found massive cost overruns as … [Read more...]