My City: Need hope for the future? Look no further

MY CITY by GLENN COOK, Leader editor As I become firmly entrenched in my 30s, I’m starting to get to that age where I can conceivably start grousing about the generation that came after me. I could tell you all about how it seems like they always have their noses pressed to their cellphones, are always taking non-stop pictures of their food, their friends and themselves, and are always … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: July 31, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Learning from big mistakes

Jim Prentice, Ric McIver and Thomas Lukaszuk had better be taking notes, because this week’s headlines have provided ample study material on how not to act when one of them takes over the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party this fall. On Monday, the opposition Wildrose came out with allegations that —despite promises made by the PCs in 2013 to freeze the salaries of government … [Read more...]

My City: 800 cars, 1 goal — to find a cure for diabetes

MY CITY by MIKE HOWES, Rock'n August chair Fifty thousand attendees; 800 classic cars; 400 volunteers; 78 sponsors; 35 vendors; 12 events; 11 venues; seven days; six organizations; five bands; three parks. All for just one goal: To cure diabetes! That’s Rock’n August 2014. And as chair of this year’s production, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible people that … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: July 24, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Setting the bar higher

Since city manager Patrick Draper announced last week he would be taking legal action against the author of the short-lived Third Floor News blog, reaction has been swift but mixed. But make no mistake, this lawsuit is not about anything that’s been said in the past; it’s about the future. No one, as has been suggested, is attacking residents’ ability to criticize their local government, … [Read more...]

My City: Duffy is all that’s wrong with federal politics

MY CITY by BRENT RATHGEBER, Independent MP for Edmonton-St. Albert Last week, suspended Senator Mike Duffy was charged with 31 counts of fraud, breach of trust and corruptly accepting a bribe. Was it merely a rogue charlatan feeling entitled to his entitlements? Or is it indicative of something even more sinister? Is it indicative of a political system that cannot be separated from corruption … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: July 17, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: License to make money

Who knew that a simple license plate would cause such an uproar? Maybe it’s because we’re in the dog days of summer and news can be hard to come by, but it seems the biggest story of past week or so in Alberta has been the redesign of the province’s license plates. While the government is letting Albertans have their say on how the plates look, plenty of people seem to be up in arms … [Read more...]

My City: Getting a new perspective on St. Albert

MY CITY by GILLES PREFONTAINE, city councillor There is nothing quite like the experience of welcoming a guest from another country to remind oneself of just how amazing a place we live in. In planning two weeks of activities and sightseeing, the overwhelming majority of the time we will spend with our out-of-country guest will be outdoors: enjoying our parks, trails and beautiful … [Read more...]