My City: Getting a new perspective on St. Albert

MY CITY by GILLES PREFONTAINE, city councillor There is nothing quite like the experience of welcoming a guest from another country to remind oneself of just how amazing a place we live in. In planning two weeks of activities and sightseeing, the overwhelming majority of the time we will spend with our out-of-country guest will be outdoors: enjoying our parks, trails and beautiful … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: July 10, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Buzzworthy Concept

So Edmonton city council created a bit of a buzz this week by approving a pilot project for urban beekeeping. But could this be a honey of an idea for St. Albert as well? Edmonton city councillors voted on Monday to start granting permits for urban beekeeping this summer. Many similar projects already exist in major cities across North America, and proponents are hoping to produce their own … [Read more...]

My City: The saga of getting a stuffed rabbit home safe


MY CITY by GLENN COOK, St. Albert Leader editor Honestly, I don’t know what it was about the stuffed rabbit that made me stop and take notice. But, given what happened in the day or two afterward, I’m glad I did. It was one afternoon in the middle of June that I was walking from St. Albert Place back to the Leader office when I passed the Keys for the City piano outside Cranky’s Bike … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: July 3, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Keeping up the World Cup momentum

"Ties?” I seem to recall David Letterman quipping during one of his Top 10 lists many years ago, “we got ’em!” Letterman was, of course, riffing on the tactically boring, low-scoring game that people in North America just could not seem to grasp for many, many years. However, these days, football fever is spreading. As the 2014 version of the FIFA World Cup winds down — the … [Read more...]

My City: Reflecting on the school year that just ended

MY CITY by Barry Wowk, superintendent, St. Albert Public Schools Another school year has quickly passed and plans are in place for an exciting new one. Although we are looking to the future, we take time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. During this reflection, I quickly come to recognize how fortunate and proud I am to work alongside such excellent students, staff, parents … [Read more...]

Editorial Cartoon: June 26, 2014

St. Albert

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Editorial: Taking charge of immigration

Brent Rathgeber is making a lot of sense these days. In the wake of the changes to the temporary foreign worker program announced by the federal government on Friday, the independent MP for Edmonton-St. Albert opined to the St. Albert Leader this week that perhaps the changes were little more than a political play, a chance for the Conservative government to pander to voters in southern … [Read more...]

My City: 150 years of Catholic school something worth celebrating

MY CITY by DAVID KEOHANE, GSACRD Superintendent Every day I drive to work, I receive a very tangible reminder of the legacy that Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools has within our region. I pass the statue of Father Albert Lacombe, a founder of the first settlement in St. Albert. He was an individual who, through his time spent here, worked toward everything that we would want from our own … [Read more...]